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Storytelling: the key to great Digital Marketing campaigns

  • abril 4 2016
  • Gilberto Hernández Ramírez
Storytelling and Digital Marketing: The key

Storytelling and Digital Marketing

The good old days where product-centered ads made the deal are gone. Today, Storytelling is the new way to develop successful Digital Marketing campaigns.

Since we can think about, people love to listen to stories. From fairy tales to TV shows and movies, we all end up hung up on a good story. Lately, brands have begun to realize this, and have started to include Storytelling in their Marketing campaigns.

Even though it might seem like a technique exclusive for some kind of companies, the truth is Storytelling works perfectly regardless of the type of business or brand. Every product and service has a story to tell. Every brand and company owns a unique tale to share with its customers. 

The way you present your brand can make the difference between a lame identity and an inspiring one. Storytelling enables your company to acquire a more meaningful image. By telling a story related to your brand or company, you can achieve an emotional connection with your customers.

Nowadays, the product is taking a backstage, while the story is getting more and more importance. The success of Digital Storytelling lies in its focus on what people want to hear and share. Gone are the days of boring corporate messaging; today, you have to make a strong emotional connection with your target through meaningful stories.

The goal of Storytelling is to develop empathy with your customers by using stories about them. If you are able to make them feel like you’re reading their minds, you have made it. 

This Content Marketing technique is gaining more importance by the day due to the dramatic evolution of Marketing Digital Content. Companies that understand the market’s evolution and the changes around the customer’s media consumption habits are starting to focus more on digital storytelling.

Nevertheless, it’s not enough to dabble with one Storytelling Digital campaign, and then go back to the old school ways. The efforts must keep up with the digital era. For example, single format storytelling has evolved into a transmedia experience, offering a more meaningful and holistic message.

As our societies keep raising more mobile-driven generations, there is a huge opportunity area for marketers in Digital Content and Storytelling campaigns. The implementation of this technique involves the use of simple text, graphics, images, pictures and videos that engage with a certain public and give the brand’s message.

If there’s something to keep in mind out of this article is this: Digital Marketing is shifting its communication from traditional product-centered ads to stories focused on customers. Permeate your Digital Marketing strategy with stories that talk to people about people.


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